why adopt a dog

On the fence about adopting or buying a dog? Need help persuading mom or dad on why adopting a dog is the best idea in the world? These 25 reasons can convince anyone to add a dog to their family.

Why Adopt a Dog?

1. You’ll Get a New Partner to Bond With 

No matter how cliche, a dog can truly become your best friend. Dogs are social animals and love to get attention and affection from their human friends. And the best part is they also return the affection unconditionally.

2. You Get to Remain Active and Healthy 

Have you considered the potential health benefits of adopting a dog? You can find a great workout companion in a dog. Adopting a dog may be just the motivation you need to get moving if you have been intending to start a fitness routine but haven’t gotten around to it.

Dogs need to go on walks at least once a day. If you want to go for a jog, you should get a dog with higher stamina to go with you.

Walking the suggested 7,000 steps daily can be challenging if your job requires you to sit at a desk all day. But your dog can push you to start taking longer walks every day. 

3. Saving a Pet’s Life

Because there are already so many dogs at shelters, workers regularly have to refuse animals because there isn’t enough room.

More than a million dogs are euthanized annually in the United States due to a surplus of animals entering shelters. There’s also a lack of awareness about adoption among those looking to add a pet to their family.

4. You’ll Be a Motivation to Others 

Sometimes, adopting a dog can inspire other people to adopt one as well. If you have friends and family who are hesitant to adopt a dog, adopt one yourself, and that might be the motivation they need.

5. It’s a Less Expensive Choice

Owning a dog is also a financial commitment. And adopting a dog is cheaper than buying one from a breeder.  Animal shelters and rescue organizations typically charge $50 to $300 for a dog.

In most cases, the dog’s vaccinations will be up to date, they will already be spayed or neutered, and in some cases, it will have a microchip before it is given to you. This is because shelters go the extra mile to prepare dogs for a new home.

However, if you buy a pet from other sources, you might have to handle all of these procedures on your own. And this means you will have vet bills to pay. So, if you need a dog and want to save money, consider adopting one instead of going to a breeder.

6. Positive Interactions for Your Kids

Giving a dog to a child as a companion and teaching them to care for it can help them develop a sense of responsibility and empathy. Your children may develop great feelings of loyalty and responsibility toward a rescued dog.

Animals have far-reaching effects on children’s mental and physical growth, including but not limited to how they make them feel about themselves.

Kids gain emotional maturity and a sense of responsibility when they care for pets. Taking care of an animal via activities like feeding, strolling, petting, and showing compassion can help children feel good about themselves. In addition to being its friend and confidant, the animal can also protect the kid. Having a pet also helps kids relax and feel safe, which is great for their mental development.

7. Dogs Can Lower Your Blood Pressure

Numerous studies indicate that dog owners typically have lower blood pressure. Most experts agree that this is due to the calming impact dogs and other pets have on people. Additionally, dogs encourage their owners to exercise more, which helps lower blood pressure.

Fewer cardiovascular issues, lower cholesterol, and lower blood pressure are just a few of the unexpected advantages of owning a pet. Pets also offer well-known anti-stress benefits that support people who experience stress and anxiety by boosting their immune systems.

8. You’ll Make More Friends 

Adopting a pet can increase your social circle. You’ll meet people because having a dog requires frequent walks and forces you to leave your house. And these people may eventually become friends.

Children aren’t left out. Kids with pets also become more friendly and bond more easily with other kids and adults.

9. You’ll Be Giving a Dog the Life it Deserves

Many dogs were mistreated before they arrived at a shelter. Adopting a dog and treating it properly, while giving it all the love it deserves can turn that dog into a happy one. What’s more, it’s also a rewarding experience for you.

Because of how loyal these pets are, they’ll never forget your gestures and love you throughout their days!

10. Dogs Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Dogs vary in size, shape, and color. If you want a dog that’s just the right fit, a shelter has a variety of dogs you can choose from. With a little bit of effort, there is no way you won’t find a dog that is your perfect pet.

11. The Majority Are Already Trained

Most people don’t want pets because of the training process. You don’t have to worry because most of the dogs at a shelter have had previous owners. So, they have been potty trained and taught how to do most things, and you may not have to worry about training them from scratch.

12. Access to Helpful Shelter Staff

If you are clueless about dogs, there’s no need to worry. The shelter staff have enough experience and can walk you through the process of how to care for, train, and love them. So, if you have questions, they’ll be happy to help.

You can also ask them about your dog’s behavior to help you bond with it faster.

13. They Are Easy to Care for

Never believe it when people say dogs are hard to take care of. On the contrary, they are pretty easy to care for because they’re intelligent animals.

Armed with the information the shelter staff will give you; it’ll be even easier.

14. They Make Social Media Better

If you love watching pet videos and have always wanted to create content with them, then why not stop at a shelter and get one that you can love, appreciate, and show off to the world?

Many people on the internet love watching dog videos, so you’ll be getting yourself and your pet lots of love and new fans.

15. They Help With Depression

Most people need companions to get through tough times, and having a dog helps. Dogs are naturally humans’ best friends and will be there for you.

why adopt a dog

16. They Are Great Snuggle Buddies

Having a dog is a delight because you can grab a cuddle whenever you’re sad or just super excited, just like you would a friend.

These animals can give you warmth with their fur. In fact, cuddling a dog has been shown to release a good level of oxytocin in humans and dogs as well. Also, it’s a lovely way to bond with your dog because they enjoy human company.

17. Dogs Give Protection

Another reason you should adopt a dog is that they’re defensive of their owners.

Dogs are said to be protective. However, this is only relative to their human friends.

They have a strong sense of smell, which can easily detect when something isn’t right, and a super attentive ear that picks up every sound and movement around, even while they are asleep.

18. They Help Keep Rodents Away

If you’re still asking, why adopt a dog? This point should do justice to your indecision. Adopting a dog can help you in many ways.

Dogs don’t like the smell of rodents, they can barely stand them. So they are a great addition to your home to keep rodents away from destroying things, especially food items and furniture.

19. They Are Loyal Animals

If you’ve ever questioned how loyal dogs are, then adopting one will surely convince you.

Dogs are one of the most loyal animals in the world. They’ll stand by you anytime or day. They are ever ready to help and defend you even in ill health.

If you’ve watched dog videos, you might have seen examples where dogs lie beside their sick owners. So, loyalty isn’t a question with dogs.

20. A Smart Dog Is a Useful One

Dogs are smart, so they can be more than just pets. With the right training, they can learn to follow instructions perfectly and help humans with everyday duties, i.e. working dogs or service dogs.

21. They Can Live in Almost Any Climate

Here’s another reason to adopt a dog – these canines can live in just about any climate.

They are tough, sound, and adapt quickly. Just as humans learn to adapt to their environments, dogs can too.

22. They Are Good Listeners

If you need someone to talk to and freely express your feelings and emotions, adopting a dog is the best-fit secondary to humans. Even though they can’t help, they listen with a lot of care and love.

23. Discover a Community

The love of dogs is universal. So it’s easy to bond with others about it. If you’re looking to be part of a community, a dog can help. From dog walking clubs to training schools, you can always find like-minded people. And breaking the ice is especially easy.

That’s exactly why we encourage Veterans to join our community. Bonding with a dog can be incredibly empowering.  In our community, we love sharing tips and advice on bonding with your Life Buddy or service dog.

24. The Perfect Excuse

While dogs are great for socializing with others, the perks work the other way around too. 

Do you have a social obligation you’re trying to get out of or leave? We’ve all been there. But, with a dog, you have the perfect excuse to skip.

“Sorry, I’d love to stay and hang out, but I need to go home and walk my dog.”

25. Fight Against Puppy Mills

Unfortunately, there are people who take advantage of the dog breeding system to make money. And it’s not always easy to tell the difference between ethical and unethical breeders. Puppy mills, backyard breeders, and certain pet shops put profit over the health of moms and their puppies.

Choosing to adopt decreases the demand for purebred puppies and raises awareness against puppy mills.

Get Training Support for Your Dog

At Sierra Delta, we aim to strengthen the bond between Veterans and their dogs. And training is a great way to build a lasting bond with your adopted dog.

We do this by providing the support you need to train your dog to become a service dog or Life Buddy.

If you’re a Veteran, join our community and get access to these perks and more.

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