you’Isn’t it wonderful to have a friend and a companion in one pet? This is why you should spoil your dog with tasty meals and the best dog treats. Getting treats your dog loves can help you bond and train.

But, the treats you give should be healthy and nutritious, as well as tasty. These 5 dog treats will surely please your dog, and you can rest easy that your four-legged best friend’s eating healthy too. 

What Makes the Best Dog Treats?

We considered various factors when compiling this list of the best dog treats in 2022, but the most crucial information came down to only four criteria. 

  • Ingredients: The best dog treats should contain proteins, vitamins, eggs, oatmeal, and other healthy nutrients. If your dog has any allergies, you’ll want to avoid treats with ingredients that trigger its allergies.
  • Price: Dog treats are pretty pricey, but there are a few pocket-friendly ones you can choose from. Also, how often you give treats to your dogs can help you save some money.
  • Customer reviews: Reviews say a lot! So, before purchasing a dog treat, check out the reviews and testimonies of other dog owners.
  • Variety: It’s okay for your dog to have a favorite treat, but you can also introduce a variety of other healthy and safe treats.

5 Best Dog Treats in 2022

1. Blue Buffalo

We may be biased, as Blue Buffalo is one of our beloved partners, but the quality of their dog treats is outstanding.

Blue Buffalo made a promise to Blue, their family dog, to produce healthy and nutritious dog treats only from natural sources. They intend to fulfill that promise with their brand’s baked bars.

Plus, they believe in supporting Veterans and empowering them through the love of dogs, just like we do.

Product Highlights

Every Blue Buffalo product comprises carefully selected vitamins and minerals. The formulas are made to suit the nutritional requirements of every dog and usually include cranberries, brown rice, beef, flaxseed, fish, and other nutrients.


  • There are no artificial flavors or preservatives
  • No corn, wheat, or soy
  • Exclusion of poultry by-products


Cost & Shipping

Blue Buffalo health bars are available for $3.87 per 16-ounce bag. And you get free shipping if you order products worth about $50.They also offer special offers from time to time.

2. JustFoodForDogs

Shawn Buckley saved his first dog, Simon, from a pound when it was little. After that, he made healthy meals for Simon and the other dogs in the neighborhood. The changes in the dogs’ health and quality of life motivated him to start JustFoodForDogs to provide healthy meals for dogs.

Product Highlights

At JustFoodForDogs, the aim is to provide healthy and nutritious dog treats. So, every product contains natural ingredients without preservatives, additives, or harmful chemicals. 


  • No additives or growth hormones 
  • No animal proteins
  • A variety of flavors and textures to choose from
  • There are no preservatives 


  • You can only pick up products at specified locations

Cost & Shipping

The cost of each product is different, and they are available in 5-ounce bags or more. Luckily, if you buy goods worth over $100, you can get them delivered to you for free. Although, this is only available to specific locations. They charge a shipping fee of $10 on standard orders in US locations only.

3. Greenies

The owners of Greenies started their company due to the bad breath from their dog, Ivan. So, they worked to control tartar and plaque buildup in dog teeth. They’ve worked hard to gain recommendations and acceptance from the Veterinary Oral Health Council.

Product Highlights

Greenies contains digestible minerals that help freshen your dog’s breath and clean up tartar. Also, the high mineral content can give your dog healthy and stronger teeth.

At Greenies, the products come in different sizes to cater to every dog size. So, you can choose what products work best for your dog’s requirements.


  • Flexible and soft texture
  • Reduces tartar on dog’s teeth
  • Easy to digest if properly chewed


  • Constipation can occur due to improper chewing

Cost & Shipping

A pack of 43 treats costs about $15, but using the auto-ship option helps you save up to 5% on the shipping fee. Free shipping is only available for orders over $49. You get to enjoy a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with any products.

4. Ziwi Good Dog Rewards

Before Ziwi Good Dog Rewards, Peter Mitchell supplied quality meat to pet food companies. He discovered that they mixed his products with harmful chemicals. So, he became motivated to produce a natural diet of ready-to-serve dry food products. Now, Ziwi Good Dog Rewards makes healthy dog treats without additives or preservatives.

Product Highlights

Ziwi products contain a variety of healthy ingredients made especially for your dog. They offer a mix of meats and fish you can choose from. 


  • Fresh ingredients 
  • Balanced dog diet
  • Digestible
  • No fillers


  • It is pretty pricey, so it might not be a good option if you have many dogs to feed 

Cost & Shipping

Ziwi offers free shipping for orders over $50 to places in the USA, except for Alaska and Hawaii.

5. Stewart Pro-Treat

The Stewart Pro-Treat company has put in efforts to use only quality and safe products to produce dog treats for over 45 years.

Product Highlights

Stewart Pro-Treat offers one of the best freeze-dried dog treats you can think of. With products rich in protein and other nutrients, they offer a 100 percent guarantee of your dog’s safety and health.


  • Products are grain and gluten-free
  • No fillers or artificial flavors 
  • USDA- certified products 


  • Suitable for adult dogs only

How to Choose the Right Treats for Your Dog

There are tons of different dog treats available. So, how do you know which one is best for your dog? If anything, it’s critical to choose the best dog treats for your pet’s health. Before you decide on the best treats for your dog, look out for the following:

  • Health: There are a lot of dog treats online that look well packaged but are not healthy for your dog. The best dog treats should contain nutrients that will make your dog healthy.
  • Calories: Considering the calorie content of a treat is very important if you don’t want to have an obese or sickly pet on your hands. To help with this, keep the calories at 10% of your dog’s regular diet.
  • Purpose: You can give a treat to reward your dog, get its attention, or make it happy. For training purposes, you should choose treats that are easy to chew to make sure nothing interrupts your training process.
  • Your Dog’s Preferences: Of course, after giving your dog several treats, it tends to have one favorite. Finding out your dog’s favorite treat will help you get training sessions done faster.

How Many Treats Should a Dog Get?

Of course, your dog will want all the treats. But, you need to limit the amount they get to keep them healthy, and to keep the treats truly a reward.

Before giving your dog treats, see a veterinarian to determine your dog’s daily calorie requirements. A dog may need only a few calories, depending on its size. So, the number of calories your dog consumes should correspond with the amount of regular dog food it consumes and its daily calorie requirement.

There may also be limits noted on the packaging.

Dog Treat Dangers

When you’re shopping for food or treats, look out for the following popular dangers to avoid endangering your dog’s health:

  • Products not made in the USA: When a dog treat label says it was manufactured outside the US, you want to be extra careful. Most times, the ingredients of such products aren’t FDA approved and may be harmful to your dog.
  • Rawhide: Some dog treats are made from raw animal hides (from the inner layer of a cow’s skin). You want to stay away from these treats as they usually contain artificial flavors and toxic ingredients that could make your dog sick. Worst of all, they could even cause an obstruction if your dog swallows them.
  • Dental sticks: While dental sticks help your dog keep good oral hygiene, they do more harm than good. They are usually loaded with toxic chemicals that make them totally unnecessary for your dog.

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