Empowering Our Veteran Family

One Dog At A Time

About Us

Sierra Delta empowers every Veteran with access to approved dog training that provides purpose, innovation and community through the love of dogs.

Our Philosophy

We’re revolutionizing the “service dogs for Veterans” model. With millions of Veterans who could benefit from a dog, and countless dogs capable of learning precision training, we created the path to doing more.

With a comprehensive Veteran-centric methodology, we thrive on utilizing a strengths-based approach to assist Veterans in obtaining their Service Dog or Life Buddy and working to empower themselves.

You do not need to have a disability or specific need to be in a Sierra Delta program with a dog.

Our Commitment


Expert Guidance

  • Our expertise and military background are the foundation for teaching Veterans about the service dog industry and how a dog can be of service to them.

  • One-on-one guidance and recommended best fit scenarios to help Veterans smoothly navigate the system and process.

  • An expedited process for facilitating access to the program and support for multiple avenues of community engagement.
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    Powerful Network

  • All Sierra Delta case managers are experts in Veteran services and benefits on the local, state, and federal levels.

  • Our 37 Partner Providers share our mission to expand the successful pairings of service dogs with Veterans.

  • Through our Life Buddy Program partnership with My Buddy’s Place, we can create a customized solution for any Veteran.
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    Lifelong Community

  • We manage and execute pairings and training with strong partnerships, cutting-edge technology, and a talented, dedicated team.

  • Veterans in our programs join a nation-wide community built on encouragement, support, and providing resources.

  • We’ll harness digital platforms for streamlined and personalized experiences that strengthen bonds and build engagement.
  • Our Programs

    Recognizing the growing need for programs that provide support to Veterans, regardless of branch or years of service, and physical or emotional needs, Sierra Delta embraces two paths to service dog pairings that can do the most good for the most number of Veterans.

    Service Dog Program

    Life Buddy Program