Forget Everything You Know About Service Dogs

Empowering Veterans and their dogs through training and community.

What We Do

Sierra Delta empowers every Veteran with access to approved dog training that provides purpose, innovation, and community through the love of dogs. 


EVERY dog provides a service, and the reasons and purpose for obtaining a dog are individual and unique to every owner. The mission of Sierra Delta is to empower every American Military Veteran by developing a powerful bond with their dog & their community. 

The Service Dog Program 

Traditional service dog program for Veterans in need of highly-skilled service dogs and full access anywhere. We partner with service dog academies across the country to provide this service.


The Life Buddy Program

Custom-trained service dog programs to meet individual Veteran needs and lifestyles with access where dogs are welcome. This is a wellness program for our Veterans and their dogs provided through a combination of care, training and community.

Our Programs

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"These dogs are serving a life-changing, life-saving purpose."


What We Do

We enable Veterans and dogs to be their best selves with companionship and community by utilizing a strengths-based approach to assist Veterans as they obtain their life buddy and work to empower themselves.

The Sierra Delta Impact

Years of Serving Veterans

Veterans in Program

Partner Providers


“I’m grateful for the companionship Zoë provides as we navigate life together as a team.”

- Staff Sergeant Jack Schumacher

Partnering to Empower the Team Leader

We know the greatest success comes from guidance, training, resources, and community. So we’ve partnered with My Buddy’s Place to power the Life Buddy Training Program, Life Buddy Program App, and Rook’s Place, an online pet store. With a complete circle of care, a lifelong bond can thrive!

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Sierra Delta provides Veteran-dog teams with training and community through strong corporate partnerships, cutting edge technology, and a talented and dedicated team that is passionate about empowering Veterans as they transition from military service to civilian life. 

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