A Toast to Life (Buddies)


Join us for A Toast to Life (Buddies!) and Veterans at our 5th Annual Event at The Westmoor Club in Nantucket, MA.

Sunday, August 1st, 2021

Dear Friends,

Amidst the uncertainties of the past year, one thing has remained the same: our commitment to empowering every Veteran through dog training and a community they can rely on.

So much progress has been made and so many records have been broken since our we last connected with you.

Previously, the generous support of the Nantucket Community helped us serve over 120 Veterans and develop the Life Buddy Program. Sierra Delta is now on track to serve a record of over 1,000 Veterans this year — twice the amount of Veterans served by all other US service dog organizations combined.

This incredible milestone would not be possible without you. We’d like to thank you for your continued support as we strive to help every single man and woman who served our country through our Life Buddy Program.

This year’s event will highlight the evolution of the Life Buddy Program, its capabilities and impact on our Veterans, and where Sierra Delta is headed next.

Sierra Delta Inc., originated on the island of Nantucket in 2017, and now we are making our way back home. We hope you join us to see firsthand how you’ve directly impacted the lives of our heroes.

Warm Regards,

BJ Ganem

Our Call to Action

Of our nearly 18 million veterans in the United States, an estimated 150,000 need a Public Access Service Dog, while others could benefit from a Non-Public Access Service Dog. It's our mission to leave no one who served our country behind.

What We Do

We provide access to approved dog training and community to Veterans based on their individual level of need. We support Veterans of all generations, branches, genders, and ages — regardless of disability.

Sierra Delta in Numbers

  • $XX million in grants
  • 40 accredited partner providers
  • 710 Veterans in our programs
  • 1 life-changing mission

Our Mission

Sierra Delta strives to be an innovative, national leader for the education, advocacy, promotion, and funding of the service dog industry for Military Veterans through the Life Buddy Program.

We increase access for all Veterans to benefit from a well-trained dog, or Life Buddy, while clearing the path for those with the greatest need to receive the assistance exclusive to a Public Access Service Dog.

We provide Veterans with ongoing support through community centered around strength and the shared love of dogs.

Our Priorities

Provide Unbiased Information - With our military background and expertise, we provide Veterans with one-on-one guidance and recommend best-fit scenarios unique to their specific needs.

Provide Dog-Training - We're dedicated to providing Veterans with the invaluable physical and emotional benefits that only well-trained dogs can provide.

Facilitate Community - Sierra Delta has built an incredible community of Veterans and Veteran-Supporters that engage with each other across several channels, such as the Buddy Barker on the Life Buddy App.

Our Solution

The Life Buddy Program

Custom-trained service dog programs to meet individual Veteran needs and lifestyles with access where dogs are welcome.

Service Dog Program

Traditional service dog program for Veterans in need of highly-skilled service dogs and full access anywhere.

"When people ask me, what does my service dog do for me, my common response is he saved my life. A service dog is about the truest form of medication and therapy that you can get."

-Derek Hill, Marine Combat Veteran