Bringing Veteran Communities Together

Through Dogs & A Shared Purpose

Service Dogs

(Provided through our Service Dog Academy Partners)

Full-Access Service Dogs are specifically trained to go everywhere with a Veteran, including places that do not allow dogs. We partner with Service Dog Academies across the country to provide this service. After graduation we continue the support through our Life Buddy Program for the life of the Veteran Dog team.

Group 97

Can Train For:

Severe PTSD


Loss of limbs

Vision loss

Hearing loss



Can Provide:

Emergency assistance

Item retrieval like prosthetics

Wake up from night terrors

Opening & closing doors

Pulling wheelchairs

Daily activity assistance

How Does It Work?



If you’re a Veteran interested in a Service Dog, apply online in minutes.



Will work with you to get you educated on what a it means to have a service dog and get you in contact with one of our partners.



Learn and bond with your Service Dog through instructor-led, focused training through one of our Service Dog providers.



After graduation continue with the Life Buddy Program for ongoing community, care, and support.

The Sierra Delta Difference

We help determine the best-fit scenario for each Veteran needing to work with one of our certified Service Dog Partner Providers.


At Sierra Delta, we believe in the power of building team resources to help provide financial, logistical, and advisory support.


Every Veteran in our programs is welcome to join the Life Buddy Program  for community engagement, resources, and encouragement.

Veteran Testimonial


Learn more about the expert organizations we partner with for Service Dogs.


If your needs are different, our Life Buddy Program could be the perfect fit.